Practical pathways to start and
scale your creative business sustainably

Access knowledge and resources from individuals
who have walked the same path!


East Africa’s creative industries can contribute massively to their economies and promote freedom of expression if given a little push in the right direction.
A lot of creatives end up in strife because there is no clear path to follow when it comes to running businesses that are new to an economy that has been largely dependent on the formal professions and careers.

An extensive under study of our tribe members (MoTIV Community) has enlightened us on the need to provide resources that will stimulate business growth, diversify support to creatives and create a major shift in how Creative and Cultural Industry Businesses (CCIBs) are run.

We are availing our community of creatives with top notch training and a practical pathway to start and scale their businesses sustainably. 


The Creative Business Academy (CBA) seeks to skill owners of creative businesses and initiatives with the aim of building capacity within the Creative and Cultural industries. 

This program is an initiative of MoTIV Uganda which aims to create 300,000 jobs within Uganda’s Creative Sector, supported by the Mastercard Foundation under their Young Africa Works strategy to ensure 30 million young people in Africa, particularly young women, secure dignified and fulfilling work.

Through a series of short courses and masterclasses on offer, creative entrepreneurs who go through the Creative Business Academy will be able to directly apply their learnings in order to escalate community building and attract financing with the goal of building the creative and cultural ecosystem.

The programs on offer are in direct response to the needs of the members within our community. 

Access to the Academy gives participants;


The  program will cover the following areas

Founding Fundamentals

Business Mindset for Creatives

How to attract More Clients with Content:

The Creative Business Blueprint

Out The Box 101

Know your customer

Business Language for Funding


Creatives who want solutions to the following questions:

So I have a gift/talent/interest/ idea, how do I get started ?

Now that I have started, what next?

Should I register my business? Why? How?

How do I identify and retain clients for my business?

How do I handle booking and filing tax returns?

How do I establish that I am making profit?

How do I price my products?

How do I handle digital marketing?

How can I source funding for my business?

Why join the program


There is nothing more demotivating than struggling to earn a sustainable livelihood from something you love and are passionate about.

If only you could access knowledge and resources from individuals who have walked the same path! This is why the CBA is necessary! Creatives don’t have to start from scratch to turn their businesses around and make history.


Business ideation begins here. Skills and knowledge are imparted to move the idea into reality and to ascertain if the projected reality is worth pursuing.

This empowers the creative with the necessary structure and skills to ensure establishment and growth of their creative business/impact idea. These skills can be consumed both digitally (on-demand via Learning Management Platform) and physically (Via Regional Trainings and Cohorts).

Our beginners’ course is Founding Fundamentals. This is a short course for creatives seeking to start their own businesses and those who are at the startup phase of their entrepreneurial journey.

What will be achieved at this stage? The creative will be able to register their business.
The Creative joins the Assembly. The CBA Assembly provides creative entrepreneurs with linkages to each other, business mentors and funding opportunities. For this stage to be successful, a creative is required to take on a minimum of three masterclasses of their choice. These masterclasses will speak directly to their business and will prepare them for well developed business models, increased production, increased market share, and as a result, increased revenue.?

What will be achieved at this stage? The creative business will have a well established and visible brand.
At this stage of the entrepreneurial journey, a creative has understood what works and doesn’t work for them. Their business is registered, has acquired financial literacy and is investor ready. This translates into a creative’s readiness to scale their business i.e hire more resources, open more business locations and or start new ventures.

What will be achieved at this stage? Pitch day with the 97 Fund.

Challenges the CBA seeks to address:

How do I turn my idea into a business

How to manage the different facets of my business

Going to Market

Content Creation

Understanding my customers

Digitizing my business

How to pitch/fundraise for my business



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Program Delivery


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